Influences on CPD

Principles of CPD

The 12 factors that will truly maximise training effectiveness by Will Thalheimer (@willworklearn)

7 sins of CPD by David Weston.

The Ten Commandments of successful innovation by David Weston.

Leading CPD effectively by David Weston.

Radically improved action planning by Will Thalheimer.

Improving CPD part 1 and part 2 by Matt Bromley.

What does it take to make CPD effective? by Harry Fletcher-Wood.

Barriers to effective CPD by Tom Sherrington.

Getting teachers better by Rob Coe.

What makes expert teachers?by Harry Fletcher-Wood.

What makes great training? by Phil Stock.

Deliberate practice

Becoming a better teacher through deliberate practice by Alex Quigley.

Practice perfect for teachers by Tom Boulter.

Overcoming the OK plateau by Alex Quigley.

Developing great teaching by the Teacher Development Trust.

Practice based teacher training by Harry Fletcher-Wood.

Can coaching help transform teacher quality? by Alex Quigley.

Why coaching works by Shaun Allison.

Coaching by Matt Bromley.

Lesson Study and Action Research

Getting started with lesson study by Tom Sherrington.

An approach to action research by Tom Sherrington.

Others’ Projects

Outstanding in 10 plus 10 by Stephen Tierney.


How to effectively evaluate CPD by David Weston.

Evaluating CPD: hard but not impossible by Phil Stock.

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