Influences on teaching strategies


Teaching for mastery by Mark McCourt.

Formative Assessment

Paul Black on formative assessment.

The impact of AfL by Dylan William.

Why AfL might be wrong, and what to do about it by David Didau.

Keeping learning on track – formative assessment and the regulation of learning by Dylan Wiliam.

Why feedback doesn’t stick. Part 1 and Part 2 by David Fawcett.

Improving written feedback by Alex Quigley.

Closing the gap marking by Chris Hildrew.

What if feedback wasn’t all it was cracked up to be? by Andy Day.

Feedback as a teaching strategy.

Getting feedback right by David Didau.

Replacing my prescriptive school marking policy by Clare Sealy.

Guiding student without individual feedback by Harry Fletcher-Wood.


Question time and asking why by Alex Quigley.

Disciplined discussion by Alex Quigley.

Probing the continuum by Andy Tharby.

Better Questioning – thinking about thinking by Dan Brinton.

Questions about questioning by David Didau.

Should teachers use prequestions?by Daniel Willingham.

Are you really teaching or are you just asking endless frustrating questions? By Quirky Teacher.

Modelling and Explanations

Teacher Talk: sounding into ears by Martin Robinson.

Direct instruction by Shepard Barbash.

Research based strategies that all teachers should know from Barak Rosenshine.

Great teacher talk by @turnfordblog.

Four ways cognitive load theory has changed my teaching by Greg Ashman.

Success Criteria

Showing excellence by Shaun Allison.

Defining the butterfly – knowing the standards to set the standards from Tom Sherrington.


The five pillars of reading.


Teaching and learning research strategies by Tom Sherrington.

Top ten tips for new teachers by Alex Quigley.

What does Hattie suggest is a good learning plan? Part 1, part 2 and part 3 by Peter Blenkinsop.

Independence vs independent learning by David Didau.

Planning and observing a lesson sequence by Tom Sherrington.

Grit from Shaun Allison.

Tom Sherrington on teaching and learning.

The one big secret to good behaviour by David Thomas.

7 keys to classroom habits that stick by David Thomas.

5 principles for effective teaching by David Didau..

Growth mindset: it’s not magic by Nick Rose

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