Influences on leadership

Hive switch by Sam Gorse.

Here’s your school development plan by Tom Sherrington.

6 things to get right in every school by Tom Sherrington.

Know thy impact: teaching, learning and leading by John Hattie.

Evaluating and improving our practice – a paradigm shift by Tom Sherrington.

The future of career progression in teaching by David Weston.

The 7 levers of highly effective school leaders by Joe Kirby.

A collection of leadership posts by Tom Sherrington.

Conceptual ideas on school leadership by Tom Sherrington.

School leaderahip in 12 slides by Tom Sherrington.

Curriculum and Assessment

Assessment without levels by Nick Dennis.

Replacing national curriculum levels by Daisy Christodoulou.

Lesson Observations

What makes a good observation?

by Tom Bennett.

We go to learn, not teach by Chris Moyse.

What if observations were only formative?

by Joe Kirby.

Making lesson observations worthwhile by David Didau.

Making lesson observations more effective by David Didau.

Joe Kirby on ending graded lessons observations.

Observation feedback by Zoe Elder.

Chris Moyse on not grading lessons.


How to thrive in OFSTED from Tom Sherrington @headguruteacher


Can we improve school interviews? By David Didau.


Behaviour is not for learning by Conor Boyle.


Stack audit by Doug Lemov

Public speaking

Before public speaking (TED).

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