Influences on English

Does phonics help or hinder comprehension? by Horatio Speaks.

Reading roles by Aidan Severs.

Scaffolding inference by Aidan Severs.

Teaching reading – a simple approach by Aidan Severs.

Learning to read and learning to comprehend by Kate Nation.

En route to spoken fluency via Gianfranco Conti.

Learning new words during reading by Kate Nation.

Alice in readerland by Jamie Thom.

How knowledge powers reading by Doug Lemov.

Infernal inference by Clare Sealy

How to switch to whole class guided reading by Solomon Kingsnorth

How to teach HFWs by John Walker

Whole class reading – finding meaning together by Deputy Different.

Vocabulary instruction

13 steps to successful vocabulary teaching by Gianfranco Conti.

Reading fluency

Reading fluency